Best Towing Trucks

A good towing truck will give you better returns on your investment and will ensure the continuity of your business for years to come. Below are the best towing trucks available on the market today:

  • Hook & Chain Truck: These are also called sling trucks. To use them for towing, a hook is attached to the vehicle being towed and the truck will drug it to its destination.

A hook and chain truck is mostly used to transfer vehicles from accident scenes or those vehicles whose rear wheels are missing.


They are durable

They are affordable


The chains can easily break due to pressure rendering them useless

The chains can damage or scratch the vehicle being towed

These trucks cannot be used to transport 4*4 drives as it will ruin the drivetrain

  • Flatbed truck: they are also referred to as rollback towing trucks. They have a specially designed hydraulic system for positioning the bed in a way that the vehicle being towed will drive on the bed.

The hydraulic system will automatically restore the bed to its original position when the vehicle gets on the track. If the vehicle is not in good shape, a mounted winch will be used in pulling it onto the towing vehicle’s bed.


It can safely transport two-wheel and four-wheeled vehicles without causing any damage.

It is easy to load the vehicle onto the towing truck.

The use of this truck will save time as every process is automated.


It is expensive to purchase

  • Wheel-lift towing truck: This truck works in the same way as the flatbed truck. However, instead of having hooks and chains, a metallic yoke will be used.

The metal yoke is made to fit on every wheel of the vehicle being towed and the hydraulic system will lift it and put it in a position that will enable the towing truck to easily pull it to its destination.


It has a simplified method of use in transportation

The vehicle being transported cannot be damaged as the yokes are only attached to the wheels.

They are cheaper that flatbed towing trucks


It cannot be used on damaged vehicles

The vehicle being transported is not safe as it is pulled with its front wheels touching the ground while the rear wheels are suspended on the yoke.

  • Integrated towing truck: This is a specialized type of towing truck that is commonly preferred for heavy-duty purposes. Their main use is towing other towing trucks, buses or other heavy vehicles. It is endowed with extra axles to make it more stable so that it can easily handle heavy-weight vehicles.

You can now make an informed choice and buy a towing truck that will offer the best services to your customers. If you are looking for a cheaper option, you can go for the hook & chain truck, but if you are looking for quality services with no damages to the vehicle being transported, you will buy the flatbed towing truck. Whatever your choice is, always remember to put the safety of the customers’ vehicles ahead of everything as this will determine the future of your towing company.