Do Gas Mileage Certificationissions Make Sense?

Gas Milage

In this economy, it’s difficult to justify spending more money on your vehicle than you have to. recently examined the benefits of gas mileage certifications and found that they have some merit. In addition, if you drive a hybrid, a truck, or an SUV, you may want to consider a gas mileage certification, too.

The facts are a bit confusing and difficult to understand. To understand fully, you have to understand two concepts. First, how mileage is measured.

Uries per gallon is just a fancy word for MPG, or miles per gallon. Unions, corporations, and the government have been measuring and reporting miles per gallon for many years. However, measuring real, usable miles per gallon has fairly complicated the modern automobile. Thankfully, technicians have developed sophisticated measurement systems detailed enough for real-world testing.

Real-world testing has revealed that hybrid vehicles can get surprisingly bad gas mileage. With as much variation in gas mileage as the differences in real-world temperatures can produce, this is not an issue of too much concern for someone who drives a hybrid but would like to keep their SUV or truck fuel efficient. However, for someone who drives a regular gas-only car and who wants to improve their fuel efficiency, the problems can be more confusing.

Two different kinds of gas mileage certification

For 2007, there are three main types of gas mileage certifications: combined, combined (2-wheel drive vehicles), and combined (4-wheel drive vehicles). Collectively, they provide comparable protection for vehicles with the same number of cylinders in the array of cars and trucks.

The EPA Gas Mileage Guide rates vehicles in various ways, using very roughly gas mileage ratings. They rate the vehicle at zero for a car or truck with a single fuel tank, which is the common situation for the majority of drivers.

They then rate the vehicle individually, with MPG information listed for each vehicle. These ratings are established by the EPA and include things like driving style, engine part, accessories and the auto’s condition. The MPG rating is established on the basis of a set of circumstances, like how well the auto is driven, its top speed and whether it is heavily loaded.

The way hybrid vehicles work

While the concept of a hybrid vehicle is fairly simple and the benefits great, it is actually a complex process for developing fuel efficiency. In this area, the hybrids are at a disadvantage compared to conventional cars. A hybrid vehicle combines two or more sources of power, such as gasoline and electric motors, to perform an enhanced function. They, therefore, can make use of both gasoline and electric as much as possible. The advantage of a hybrid is that it reduces the amount of gasoline used, hence saving money. The gasoline is consumed less and the electric energy is able to last longer, hence saving the environment.

The process is complex and the decisions were difficult to make. Therefore the development of new and improved hybrid cars was necessary.

How did the research develop?

The research on hybrid vehicles has developed three basic types of hybrid vehicles.

The first type is the series. This is basically a conventional vehicle with a generator turned on by the gas engine and an auxiliary energy source, in addition to the gasoline engine. The gas engine is a 3.5-liter model, has 280 horsepower and is able to drive the car at a top speed of 90 miles per hour.

The second type is the parallel hybrid. This car also has a generator and an auxiliary energy source as well as the gasoline engine. It provides the same top speed of 90 miles per hour.

The third type is what we call a geometry hybrid. This car combines the parallel and series hybrids. It has the conventional generator like those in the other two types of hybrids. Then there is an extra generator in the shape of a box, which depends on the need. It stores power produced by the cars acceleration, and uses it to charge the battery, with the assistance coming from the battery.

Will hybrid cars be the future?

Anything that can reduce pollution, and can even double or even triple the amount of gasoline a car can use per 100 miles is a welcome innovation. So, the hybrid car is definitely a step in the right direction. Now, what about the eco-friendly components in the car? To reduce emissions, the hybrid vehicle is powered by a combination, of electric and gasoline. The new, innovative plug-in technology allows the hybrid car to extend its range, so that is able to work ‘stop-and-go’.

The electrical components in the car are also clean-burning. Whereas, the fuel-combustion engine does still emit hydrocarbons, these hydrocarbons are significantly reduced.

The hybrid car has also been given good review on safety.

Why Did Car Dealerships Get Such A Lousy Reputation?

Auto Dealerships

Car dealerships have the stereotype of the sleek salesman pushing you into loads of extras you do not need in order to over charge you for a vehicle. Then, heaven forbid you have to bring the automobile in for maintenance, you can expect to get ripped off again. While there are good and bad players in any industry, the auto dealers were tarnished with an exceptionally bad reputation for many years. The reason this happened was the lack of information available to the consumer.

The advent of the Internet and access to prices and performance have made it possible for the consumer to learn more about the vehicles they are considering and making better decisions before taking their next purchase. Several laws were put in place to help protect consumers and stop the charade that was the auto dealership. One of these laws is the Truth in Sales article as well as the accompanying disclosure forms that could be completed by both parties before the final sale is made. More information pertaining to this topic can be found online and in most car dealing publications. Here are a few tips that can help you on your way to finding the right dealership so you can find you next vehicle with ease.

Determine your bid: Having a limit in mind will stop you from overbidding. When you know what you want to spend, you will be less likely to go over it. Be sure to state this during the negotiations phase. Put a ceiling on your maximum bid and be aware of sites like when listing your car. Do your research: If you have a website, then you want to link to your articles and research so you can let other people know about your vehicle. Besides, who doesn’t want free information? See websites like and for research on vehicles. Find out common problems with various models and then find out what they cost to fix. Some of the websites will also have forums where you can interact with other people about your car.

Don’t worry if you cannot find problems with your car; ask the dealer if they have a list of local dealers who have working vehicles. Since more dealers will be more likely to sell you a car if they can’t sell it, they will be more willing to help you find a dealer that is selling the car you need. Come and inspect the car: When you inspect the vehicle, be sure to check for any damage. If you find any damage, hide or cover it up, the dealer may resell it and buy it for a low price. They sometimes take vehicles that are in bad shape and rebuild them and sell them as fine functioning vehicles. Although you can sometimes see and feel the miles, the vehicle history will never come back to reflect the original damage.

Check the vehicle: When visiting the lot, be sure to check the mileage on the car. The general rule of thumb is, if it’s 6-10K miles old, it’s in good shape. A car tends to do 3-4K miles per year, or even more. If you live in an area where the weather is warm most of the year, it may be worth the extra mileage to have a car that will easily handle 10K miles in a year. With that knowledge, you can be sure the car you are looking at will not be a total mess. Bring a mobile phone and a camera: These days, you can still go into a lot and not have your car on display if you have a camera or a mobile phone. Either way, you will need a camera to take pictures of the different used cars you inspect. examine the site, the car, and the truck to be sure the vehicle is in the condition they claim. Also, you can look for any signs of leaks under the hood.

Be sure to inspect the mileage and any other facts about the vehicle that they didn’t give you. If you don’t know much about cars, don’t let this keep you from a used car. You can ask for a car to be driven by the owner, or you can inspect it like the car is that old. Just remember, it’s a used car. Always, always, always verify the mileage on the used car, especially if you are buying from a private lot.

Dealdership problems

Towing a Car that has No Insurance

Any vehicle that is being driven on the road and has been registered with the Department of Motor Vehicle should have a valid license. However, there are instances when a license will not be required on the towed vehicle and these are:

  • If the vehicle is not registered with the Department of Motor Vehicle; in this case, this vehicle should not be operated on a public highway. If you must use it, it should be on a private property.
  • If the vehicle is being towed to a shop or to a buyer’s home, you will not require having insurance on the vehicle being towed.
  • If the vehicle being towed is not currently in an operable state, insurance will not be required.

You may have a vehicle that has been sitting in the backyard for a long time and if you choose to have it sold or repaired, you will not need to have an insurance cover. There is a requirement to notify the Department of Motor Vehicles that your vehicle is no longer operational to avoid incurring penalties due to non-payment of insurance.

When towing a vehicle that does not have an insurance cover and the vehicle has been filed as non-operational, the cover on the towing truck will be extended to the towed vehicle. If the vehicle being towed accidentally damages another vehicle while in tow, the insurance company that has insured the towing truck will pay for the damages of the vehicle being towed.

There will be a need to confirm with the insurance company that is covering the towing truck if the cover will extend to the towed vehicle if it does not have an insurance cover of its own. There are insurance companies that will only agree to pay if both the towing vehicle and the vehicle being towed are registered in the same name.

In case an accident occurs during the towing of an uninsured vehicle, the insurance company that covers the towing truck will not pay for the damages caused to the vehicle being towed. The owner of the towed vehicle must pay for the damages caused to his vehicle during the towing.

There is an insurance cover that one can undertake that will cover any damages to the towed vehicle. Any person who is afraid that his car might be damaged while being towed can take this cover and if anything goes wrong, he will be compensated accordingly.

If you intend to tow your vehicle to a specified destination, it will be possible to buy an insurance cover through the towing company. This will give the towing company the responsibility of having the liability coverage and if any claims of negligence are made against the driver of the towing truck, the company will pay for the damages.

If you fail to purchase liability insurance with the towing company, it will be impossible to prove that the company’s negligence caused the damages done to your car and you will be forced to pay for your car’s damages. You have to consider the safety of your vehicle and the loss you would incur before you choose to have it towed without an insurance cover.



Best Towing Trucks

A good towing truck will give you better returns on your investment and will ensure the continuity of your business for years to come. Below are the best towing trucks available on the market today:

  • Hook & Chain Truck: These are also called sling trucks. To use them for towing, a hook is attached to the vehicle being towed and the truck will drug it to its destination.

A hook and chain truck is mostly used to transfer vehicles from accident scenes or those vehicles whose rear wheels are missing.


They are durable

They are affordable


The chains can easily break due to pressure rendering them useless

The chains can damage or scratch the vehicle being towed

These trucks cannot be used to transport 4*4 drives as it will ruin the drivetrain

  • Flatbed truck: they are also referred to as rollback towing trucks. They have a specially designed hydraulic system for positioning the bed in a way that the vehicle being towed will drive on the bed.

The hydraulic system will automatically restore the bed to its original position when the vehicle gets on the track. If the vehicle is not in good shape, a mounted winch will be used in pulling it onto the towing vehicle’s bed.


It can safely transport two-wheel and four-wheeled vehicles without causing any damage.

It is easy to load the vehicle onto the towing truck.

The use of this truck will save time as every process is automated.


It is expensive to purchase

  • Wheel-lift towing truck: This truck works in the same way as the flatbed truck. However, instead of having hooks and chains, a metallic yoke will be used.

The metal yoke is made to fit on every wheel of the vehicle being towed and the hydraulic system will lift it and put it in a position that will enable the towing truck to easily pull it to its destination.


It has a simplified method of use in transportation

The vehicle being transported cannot be damaged as the yokes are only attached to the wheels.

They are cheaper that flatbed towing trucks


It cannot be used on damaged vehicles

The vehicle being transported is not safe as it is pulled with its front wheels touching the ground while the rear wheels are suspended on the yoke.

  • Integrated towing truck: This is a specialized type of towing truck that is commonly preferred for heavy-duty purposes. Their main use is towing other towing trucks, buses or other heavy vehicles. It is endowed with extra axles to make it more stable so that it can easily handle heavy-weight vehicles.

You can now make an informed choice and buy a towing truck that will offer the best services to your customers. If you are looking for a cheaper option, you can go for the hook & chain truck, but if you are looking for quality services with no damages to the vehicle being transported, you will buy the flatbed towing truck. Whatever your choice is, always remember to put the safety of the customers’ vehicles ahead of everything as this will determine the future of your towing company.

Advantages of Emergency Roadside and Tow Truck Services

It’s an accepted fact of life that no matter how careful you are about maintaining your vehicle, it is bound to break down at one time or the other, often at a place where getting help might be a tall task. The other truth is that people rarely think about emergencies or accidents. After all, who sets out on a journey thinking that an accident will happen or the car will suddenly decide to desert you. Unfortunately, it does happen and lands upon you by surprise. Thus it’s best to be prepared for it and actually have an emergency roadside and tow truck services contact number at your speed dial. For those who are unknown about its advantages, we present a few of them to think about.

You won’t be left stranded at the side of the road

A car breakdown straightaway means you being left stranded in the middle of the road. Pre-booking a tow truck service saves you from being stranded. You need not be in a bad position anymore. All you need to do is just call them and give your location. They would reach you as soon as possible and take you to a garage, auto repair shop and even drop you at your home. This is undoubtedly the beauty of using their services. You will always have a friend by your side in times of need.

Reliable and immediate service

Tow truck service is not exclusively for towing your vehicle. Whether you have run out of fuel or need help changing a tire; you will have a professional assisting you. Most of the tow truck drivers are qualified mechanics. No matter what problem you face with your car, they would reach you as quickly as possible and do the needful to get you back on track. You can always rely on them to respond to your emergency situation.

Affordable costs for all services

Let’s suppose you had not signed a contract with any tow truck service. Availing their service at the eleventh hour will inevitably cost you more. But if you have fixed it earlier, you will be surprised at just how economical they can be. They barely come down to few dollars a week. The hassle and the unnecessary cost are bound to hurt you more especially as you are already in a mess.

Roadside assistance

The best thing about emergency services is that you know you will get roadside assistance at all times. Sometimes you just require minor repair services to get your car moving. The tow truck service mechanics are deft enough to execute quite a few repairs on the spot and get your car back on the streets. If it cannot be repaired, it will be towed back to the repair garage of your choice. This is a heavenly boon at the times of crisis. All feelings of panic and fear do not touch you and you remain confident of being pulled out of the situation.

Final thoughts

While there are many car owners; very few are well versed enough to execute even the minor repairs. Experimenting on your own might do more harm than good! Thus, it is more feasible that you actually think about emergency services and make the arrangements before and remain happy even in crisis situations.